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This is where you start playing the best hockey of your life. With the iTrain Hockey Membership you receive SO MUCH, including full access pass to our 300+ on-ice and off-ice training videos and practice plans and the 100+ recipes to our super healthy meals, snacks and drinks to energize your training sessions and workouts. Learn every basic and advanced level skill the game demands in our skills tutorial videos. Sean Walker’s engaging style of teaching helps you grow into a complete hockey player as the videos guide you to advance your hockey skills. New skills videos, practice plans, recipes and blog entries each week. Receive unlimited access to our growing library of training videos today with an iTrain Hockey Membership.

Choose from a variety of focused lessons including:

  1. Skills Tutorials – learn every skill the game demands with step-by-step breakdowns and drills for you to use to develop your abilities.
  2. Player Practice Plans – got some ice time? Follow along to our on-ice plans guiding you through each drill with demos and instructions on how to execute each skill perfectly.
  3. Team Practice Plans – designed for coaches to follow along to at their own team practice times. Need new drills that focus on developing specific individual or team-based skills? These videos are all you need!
  4. Off-Ice Training – follow along to these hockey-specific workouts to grow your athleticism for when you’re back on the ice – both youth and adult plans available. Use the same exercises NHLers use to develop their abilities. This category of videos also offers you inline hockey, off-ice stick handling and off-ice shooting practice plans you can follow along to on your driveway, in the garage, on the street or on a roller hockey rink.
  5. NHL Player Highlights Analysis – we breakdown specific NHLers incredible goals and plays to help you understand how to execute the same skills in your own games and training sessions – individual skills as well as team-based skills.
  6. Remote Coaching – here we breakdown iTrain Hockey Members skills which they submitted by video. We offer them to be viewed by all our Members because group correction is helpful for everyone, both individual hockey players as well as to coaches and hockey trainers looking to learn how to correct specific skills. Players, parents and coaches submit individual skills or in-game videos of your shifts for a super helpful review straight from Sean Walker to you. Become a Member and submit your own videos for an additional charge. Head over to the Shop page to learn more.
  7. Hockey Knowledge – learn what it takes to become the best hockey player you can be. Wanna become a leader on your team? Pure goal scorer? Amazing puck handler and more? These are gonna be your new favourite videos!
  8. Coaching Training – learn all you need to know to become the best hockey coach or trainer in these encouraging and informative videos.

Receive access to our weekly growing collection of new videos. Submit your request for new video training ideas including your own remote coaching clips, NHL player analysis, and skills tutorials. Choose from a wide variety of training videos that you can instantly access anywhere! Watch at home, on the ice, the gym, work and even when traveling. View all the beautiful HD videos from your phone, device, or desktop computer.

Once you have an active iTrain Hockey Membership, you can have four (4) devices registered to your account at any given time, and you may watch up to two (2) videos at the same time by default. Log in to access all the videos from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. All prices are in USD. Receive unrestricted access to iTrain Hockey. Subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of each subscription period. You can cancel auto-renewal at any time.

Thank you so much for your support! It allows us to continue to create amazing content for you to enjoy. As an iTrain Hockey Member you get access to every video we create as well as exclusive content created just for you! Minimum 2-6 new videos and several new recipes released each week + you’re supporting an amazing creative project. Please keep your account username + password to yourself. This content is created for hockey fans like you who are willing to support us! We appreciate your patronage and want you to receive our exclusive content in exchange, so please refrain from sharing outside of your subscription. This behaviour is tracked thoroughly through each individual IP address you log in from (max 4 devices total, if you require more please contact directly with your request) Logging in from more than 4 individual IP addresses/ devices will automatically log you out and permanently end your related subscription. Thank you hockey players, parents and coaches!



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